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Coding skills would enhance one’s ability to process and automate data processing. Regardless of any career choice, the ability to program a computer would come in handy to gain higher efficiency. Skills to code have been found to be helpful not only in solving practical problems but also helps to organize the thought process of a person.

Without exception, making computer and machine intelligent would require coding. Intelligent system is significantly changing the landscape of business and career choice for the next generation. Recognized collectively as Artificial Intelligence, numerous computational and mathematical techniques is applied through coding to enabled human-like behaviour to automate various processes. Driving industrial revolution 4.0 (IR4.0), coding is a much-needed skills, to understand, develop, use and unlock the potential of technologies.

At present, the programming language of choice for students and industry alike to learn and apply is Python. Python gained popularity with numerous uses in data analytics, website development, in-application scripting, artificial intelligence and much more. Not surprising, Python is becoming the first language of choice to learn a foundation in programming.

Unlike a text terse Python, for the younger students, visual block-based programming was developed to make programming appealing to younger minds. MIT Media Lab developed Scratch that is visual, colorful, block-based programming that is easy for kids to drag and drop programming component to compose simple applications. Scratch would pad the path for the young minds to move to a higher coding level.

Upskilling students with Scratch and Python


Scratch and Python for school children as after school tuition

The classes are designed to lay the foundation and exposure to computer programming for school children. The classes span 6 weeks with two 1.5 hours sessions each week, guided by instructors.

The aim of the program is to expose and teach students from age 6 to 16 basic programming skills. Scratch is more suitable for school children between 6 to 12 years old, while Python is aimed at 13-16 Years old.

The tuition is offered online. For both tuitions, there are 12 classes in total with two sessions per week. Each class duration will be for 1.5 hours. Classes are set to start at 4 pm and end end by 5.30pm.

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The class and topics offered for Scratch and Python are as follows:

Scratch Classes

For age 6-12

(Every Tuesday and Wednesday)

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* 20-21 July 2021 are Hari Raya Haji public holidays

Python Classes

For age 13-16

(Every Thursday and Friday)

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The requirement to join the class is a desktop or a laptop computer with an internet connection.


At the end of the tuition, the students would be given a certificate of attendance.

Please proceed to register your participation in the following form.